Sex Offender Treatment

All New Directions, Inc. offers treatment options for those who have been court ordered to complete sex offender programming. These programs are designed utilizing evidence-based practices, based on the Risk-Needs-Responsivity Model.  The goal of this model is to match the intensity and types of services to the identified therapeutic needs.  All New Directions, Inc. additionally provides adaptive sex offender programming to those with cognitive and/or learning disabilities.  The Good Lives Model, based on a client-driven philosophy, is integrated into the program to increase motivation and engagement in the change process. 

This program consists of three phases:

*Treatment Preparedness and Engagement

*Criminogenic Targets

*Life Enhancements and Self-Management


Group Psychotherapy for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities

All New Directions, Inc. provides group psychotherapy for individuals with cognitive disabilities who have presented problematic sexual behaviors and are in need of therapeutic guidance.  This service addresses their identified needs in a group setting.   Through rehabilitative interventions led by trained therapists, they are encouraged to discuss their problems to gain insight and promote change. In addition, psycho-education will help them to understand and better deal with their presenting problems. 


To help promote change, individuals will enhance their social, relational and communication skills.  They will be provided with education on human sexuality, training on self-regulation and problem solving to aid in successful integration into the community.


Integration Group Psychotherapy

All New Directions, Inc. provides group psychotherapy for individuals who have recently completed sex offender programming or completed in a secure setting.  These groups assist individuals in integrating the concepts and enhancing their skills learned in primary treatment to live successfully in their community.


Individual Therapy

All New Directions, Inc. provides individual therapy with both men and women who have identified sexual, social, and/or relational challenges which has created distress in their lives.

These services are also utilized as an adjunct to sex offender programming and group psychotherapy.


Family Therapy

All New Directions, Inc. provides family/couples/systems therapy as needed. These therapeutic services assist in developing strong support systems to reinforce and extent the therapeutic process.   Through family therapy, the support system is educated on the individual’s presenting problems, and ways they can best assist them in the rehabilitative process.  Family therapy also helps to remove any potential obstacles presented by the system.


Transportation Services

All New Directions, Inc. can provide transportation to and from medical appointments for individuals who meet the requirements for Specialized or Access Transportation reimbursed by Medical Assistance or PMAP insurance plans. Our transportation services adhere to Minnesota Department of Transportation regulations. 


Internships and LPC / LPCC Board Certified Clinical Supervision

All New Directions, Inc.  has a Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy approved clinical supervisor on staff.  She has had experience providing supervision for mental health practitioners completing while completing their graduate studies or working toward LPC or LPCC licensure. We can provide internship opportunities for graduate level students who are interested in experience with individual, group, and/or family therapy.


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